Hsin-Wei Luang

Ms. Luang is the owner of QuillPoint.  She started this business after almost twenty years of writing technical and business-related documents for her previous employers.  Most of the companies Ms. Luang worked with were technology-focused, and they ranged from start-ups to multi-nationals. One of her most-used skills was explaining technical and engineering concepts in easy-to-understand everyday language, so others could better work with these concepts to make improved business decisions.

Ms. Luang has an engineering degree, which helps her quickly learn technologies new to her or completely new to the world.  (Some of these technologies were ultimately patented.)  Ms. Luang has a working knowledge of the following technologies: automotive, oil and gas, web services, software, computer networking, telecommunications, medical devices/services, and many more.  In addition to simplifying complex technology for lay people, Ms. Luang is also skilled in writing technical documents to and for engineers or other technical audiences.

On business writing, Ms. Luang has drafted both pure business documents and technology-related documents, including business memos, reports, internal/external communications, training material/checklists/operation instructions, letters, presentations, product/services descriptions, policy and governance documents, and persuasive documents of all sorts.  For these projects, Ms. Luang often described technical information in easy-to-understand language for a lay audience.

Before starting QuillPoint, Ms. Luang worked as a lawyer at law firms and with corporations.  She then left the practice of law for something more personally fulfilling and has been happily focused on writing ever since.